4 Tips to Clean Ceramic Tile
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4 Tips to Clean Ceramic Tile

Eventually, ceramic tile will get dirty and it’s important that we could clean them immediately. Here are the safest and most effective ways to clean our ceramic tile:

  1. Use bleach: Sometimes, someone tracs mud-soiled boots on the spotless pearly white tiles. Although we may want to beat him up bad, we should hold in that urge, because it’s important that we should act on the grime immediately. Mud and coarser particles can be removed with damp cloth. Unfortunately, some stubborn steaks could remain on ceramic tiles. It’s time to unleash the bleach. Get a bucketful of water and add approximately half liter of common bleach solutions. Bleach is harsh on our skin, so we should use rubber gloves when cleaning the surface. Use the solution to mop the floor and wait for about 15 minutes. Use clean water to rinse the surface. Sometimes, some stains still remain and we should immediately repeat the process to get back our sparkly, shiny tile. Use clean cloth to give the tile one last wipe.
  2. Clean the grout: Grout is a space between our tiles and it should be properly cleaned. Because grout is essentially a deeper depression and have coarser surface, it is a better breeding ground for mold and mildew. Yellowish color and other discoloration could be the sign of mold growth. Use a solution of mild detergent and splash it on the affected grout. Let the solution sit for about ten minutes and use soft cloth to scrub the grout. The color should start to fade away and we could repeat it for a few more times to regain the original cleanliness.
  3. Don’t use abrasive material: We shouldn’t use harsh soaps, abrasives and other things that can erode the surface of our tile. This could reduce the polish and shine of our ceramic tile. Pits and cracks could occur and they are perfect habitat for mold and dirt to accumulate. We should use only detergents and mild acid.
  4. Use toothbrush, instead of normal brush: If there are stubborn grime and dirt in the grout, we certainly need to give them some more push. It’s time to get moving and get down on our knees and hands. Toothbrush could make our tiles looking new like when they were first installed. This may seem like a torture, especially if we are talking about a big room. However, we could focus only on more troublesome spots, instead cleaning the whole room with a toothbrush. To make our task easier, we could use a mild solution of detergent. Soak the grout and let it sit for half an hour, it should be much easier to clean.